Herencia Hispana 2018

Almuerzo Anual en Celebración de la
Herencia Hispana

En observación del Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana conmemoraremos las contribuciones importantes que los Latinos han aportado dentro de nuestras comunidades a lo largo de la historia de esta nación.

WLMV – La Movida 1480AM y Mid-West Family Broadcasting, en colaboración con La Cámara Latina de Comercio, se complacen en anunciar la celebración del Almuerzo Anual de la Herencia Hispana.

Contando con la participación especial del Cónsul Julián Adem Díaz de León del Consulado Mexicano en Milwaukee, quién brindará un mensaje muy especial con motivo de dicha celebración.

Además, contaremos con la  presencia de importantes miembros y líderes locales latinos y no latinos, así  como representantes de instituciones de la comunidad, incluyendo la presencia de dignatarios e invitados especiales como el Alcalde de la ciudad de Madison Paul Soglin, el Alcalde de la ciudad de Fitchburg Jason González, el Ejecutivo del Condado Joe Parisi y miembros de los Concilios de Madison y Fitchburg, quienes harán la Proclamación oficial del evento.

Durante el almuerzo, reconoceremos a indivíduos e instituciones por sus logros y contribuciones a nuestra sociedad.

  • Community Institution of the Year

    The Community Institution of the Year Award recognizes innovative programs, practices, partnerships, and activities that have had a positive impact in the community in which they serve. This year’s recipient is: Safe Communities Madison – Dane County, Cheryl Wittke, Executive Director

    Cheryl Wittke is Executive Director of Safe Communities, an award-winning coalition of 350 organizations and individuals working to save lives and prevent serious injuries in Dane County.  She coordinates joint action by coalition partners to reduce our community’s top causes of injury and injury-related death:  drug poisoning, falls among older adults, suicide and traffic crashes.   She has served as Safe Communities’ director from the coalition’s inception in 1999, manages a $645,000 annual budget, oversees state, federal and foundation grants and a staff of employees and consultants.  Cheryl has a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in community development from University of Wisconsin’s LaFollette Institute.

  • Community Leader of the Year

    The Community Leader of the Year Award honors an individual who has made a positive difference in the community and demonstrates unwavering support, dedication and enthusiasm for the betterment and growth of their community. This year’s recipient is: Patricia Téllez-Girón M.D. Associate Professor University of Wisconsin Family Medicine Department and Latino Health Council Chair

    Patricia Tellez-Giron MD is Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

    Raised in Mexico City, she received her medical degree, with honors, at the National University of Mexico (UNAM). Moved to the United States in 1993 to be with her family and to continue her education, and ever since, she has been working very actively with the Latinx community of Madison, WI.

    She has been the chair of the Latino Health Council in Madison for the past 18 years and under her leadership, she started several annual community initiatives including an annual Latino Health Fair, the Latino Chronic Disease Community Conference, the Latino Mental Health Community Conference and a Latino Teen Health Bash. She is also the Medical Director and main presenter of a monthly health education Spanish radio program, “Nuestra Salud” in La Movida 1480AM/94.5FM. This program is now in its 13th season.

  • Hispanic Achievement of the Year

    The Hispanic Achievement of the Year honors leaders who exemplify the highest standards of their profession, demonstrate leadership and invest time and resources into their community. This year’s recipient is: Leslie Orrantia – Director of Community Relations at UW-Madison

    Leslie Orrantia is the Director of Community Relations for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She serves on behalf of Chancellor Rebecca Blank as the primary point-of-contact with county, city, and community entities and facilitates meaningful collaborations between campus and community.

    Orrantia formerly served on the Executive Team for the Latino Professionals Association. She is a BIG Sister through Big Brother Big Sister of Dane County, and is involved with two Latino community-serving initiatives: (1) The Latino Equity Collaborative, a community and UW-Madison collaboration that seeks to enhance educational outcomes for Latino youth across Madison; and (2) The Latino Consortium for Action (LCA), a consortium of leaders across the community that supports Dane County’s Latinx population, which seeks to advocate for resources and policy change in education, health, immigration reform, economic and workforce development, and criminal justice.

    She is originally from Southern California and is a first-generation college graduate with a BA in psychology and sociology from Mount Holyoke College.

  • The Amigo Award

    The Amigo Award recognizes an individual who through their own dedication, promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, mirrors commitment to success, and contributes that has made a significant difference in their community. This year’s recipient is: Henry Sanders – CEO and Publisher of Madison 365

    Henry Sanders is founder, CEO and Publisher of Madison365. For nearly twenty years, has been a force for community development, economic development and entrepreneurship in the Madison area, in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest.

    He worked for the City of Madison and then-Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin before joining the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce as Vice President. In that capacity he started the Small Business Advisory Council, Latino Chamber of Commerce and the African American Black Business Association. Sanders is also the founder of the young professionals organization Madison Area Growth Network (MAGNET), Madison Network of Black Professionals, and Capacity 360, a government relations firm that brought more than $15 million to Wisconsin businesses.

    Henry ran a statewide campaign for Lieutenant Governor in 2010 and in 2011 joined the Obama Administration as the Small Business Administration’s Region V Advocate, speaking up for small businesses across six states.

    He serves on the Board of Directors of Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin, and chairs its Membership Advisory Council.

  • Hispanic Entrepreneurs of the Year

    The Hispanic Entrepreneurs of the Year Award is recognizes those who have exemplified true entrepreneurial spirit, attained notable success in developing, promoting, and sustaining initiatives that benefit and strengthen the communities in which they serve. This year’s recipients are: Marcio and Tia Sierra – Senior Leaders and Founders of Lighthouse Christian School

    Marcio and Tia Sierra, Senior Leaders and Founders of Lighthouse Christian School. Marcio Sierra, originally from Honduras, and Tia Sierra met in high school and have been married since 1999; they have two children, Marcio and Isabela.  They are both graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Marcio has a Master’s of Divinity from Regent University and Tia has a Master’s of Education from Edgewood College.

    Marcio is the Senior Pastor and President of Lighthouse Church and Schools and Tia serves as the Principal of Lighthouse Christian School.  Tia Founded Lighthouse Christian School, a ministry of Lighthouse Church, in 2004.

    Both Marcio and Tia have a passion to see transformational change for the low income and minority families in Madison.

  • Making a Difference Award

    The Making A Difference Award honors an individual who is making significant contributions to their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication. This year’s recipient is: Héctor Portillo – Family Engagement Coordinator at CESA 2

    Hector Portillo is a Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative (WSPEI) Family Engagement Coordinator for Cooperative Educational Service Agency 2 (CESA 2) in southern Wisconsin. His role is to create stronger connections and engagement between schools and the families that they serve.

    Hector is the father of a teenager with Autism. He has been an involved parent throughout his son’s school years and continues to support him to have a happy fulfilling life in his community.

    Prior to joining WSPEI, Hector worked as an Academic Case Manager at the Latino Academic of Workforce Development (LAWD). He had opportunities to help LAWD to assist the Latino Community with bilingual education and employment programs. He also worked with families, schools (MATC), and community agencies (Centro Hispano, FUNNE, and Job Connect) to support building positive partnerships. Hector started in 2017 a Non- Profit Organization PADRES E HIJOS EN ACCION serving over 70 families with children with special needs.

  • Believe and Succeed Award

    The Believe and Succeed Award is awarded for innovation and leadership, resulting in outstanding accomplishments and consistent involvement to make a positive impact on the lives of the communities in which they serve. This year’s recipient is: Jacqueline Suárez Sacramento – Immigration Services Coordinator at Centro Hispano of Dane County

    Suarez Sacramento, is a native of Chile and has lived in Madison, WI. since 1992. Since 2004, Jacqueline has been the General Support Coordinator at Centro Hispano, where she provides support through advocacy and language assistance. She is now the Accredited Representative from Department of Justice, which allows her to represent clients before U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    When not working, Jacqueline enjoys reading and going on long walks.

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