Reglas para Concursos

  1. Possible ways to register: mail a postcard with name, daytime phone number, address and birth date to “La Movida” Box 98, Madison, 53701, fax to 441-0098 or through our website at
  2. No purchase necessary.
  3. Winners will be chosen randomly in one of the following manners (to be determined by individual contest):
    a) Winner will be called via telephone. If you do not answer, the next chosen name will be called and your name will be put back into the entries.
    b) Winner’s name will be announced on-air at a given time and that name has 10 minutes to call (321-1480). If that name doesn’t call the next name will be chosen and that process continues until we have a confirmed winner.
  4. WLMV and their affiliated companies cannot be held responsible if, for any reason the show has a date or time change or is cancelled. Winner releases from liability and hold harmless WLMV and their affiliated companies from developments attributable to illness, weather, equipment failure, natural disasters, and human error. Winner agrees that there are risks involved in any type of travel to an event/show and realizes WLMV and their affiliated companies are not responsible for those risks.
  5. WLMV is not responsible for any problems (illness etc.) due to improper handling, storage or consumption of any awarded items.
  6. WLMV reserves the right to suspend contest/giveaways without notice if conditions become unfavorable in any way.